Episode 12: Whales on chairs paying with fandangles via Zoom

13 July, 2024 | 34:16
We discuss the prevalence of fandangles within Overwatch, Outsourcing restaurant cashiers via Zoom, brain chips and excellent office chairs.

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Episode 11: Finger Finger Finger tips for PUBG Mobile Game Thumb glove Headband Bluetooth

18 May, 2024 / 26:06

We talk self driving racing and review some interesting tech from Ali Express

Episode 9: Self printing air purifier without a clock

13 August, 2023 / 18:35

We review some more weird gadgets of 2023 from across the internet

Episode 8: Smart things are dumb

09 July, 2023 / 15:34

We talk AI kitchen appliances, colour changing cars and flying cars.

Episode 7: (Art)ificial intelligence

08 July, 2023 / 15:24

AI is the latest buzzword in Tech! We talk AI and coming of the robot apocolypse.

Episode 4: The phone is not hot, eating chicken is easier

27 September, 2020 / 32:45

RTX 3080 is released! Let's talk about other things like the death of Internet Explorer and under screen cameras.

Episode 3: So the car is going to kill somebody?

11 August, 2020 / 1:01:53

In Why the Tech episode 3.2 we talk about deep fakes, self driving cars and virtual reality

Episode 2: Why would you want to put a cat in a toilet?

29 June, 2020 / 1:04:40

Join us for another episode of Why the Tech where we talk about Apple's latest announcement and some of the stupid new smart devices.

Episode 1: Welcome to Why the Tech! Let's talk about Playstation 5.

14 June, 2020 / 35:25

The first episode of the new Why the Tech Podcast where we talk about the Playstation 5 reveal, spiderman, LED facemasks and tech conspiracies.

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